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Scooter Pegs

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Grit Alloy Scooter Pegs – Purple

16.99€ 24.99€

These pegs from Grit are sure to help you progress with your grinds, slides and stalls. The pegs are made from aluminium making them very light and durable. They are compatible with most scooter decks on the market and come with the axles and axle bolts.Features: Peg Material: AluminiumAxles: I..

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What Is The Purpose of Scooter Pegs?

Stunt scooter pegs are the cylinder-shaped parts that are attached to the front and read wheel of your scooter. Scooter pegs are usually made out of steel or aluminium as these two materials are very strong and durable.

Scooter pegs can open up doors to some new tricks and allow you to be more creative with your style of riding.

How To Install Pegs Onto Your Stunt Scooter?

You can put your scooter pegs on either front, rear or both wheel axles on your scooter. There is not many riders that choose to go with only rear or front wheel pegs separate, usually they would put two pegs on the same side of the scooter. The side that they choose depends on the side that they to do tricks on.