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Scooter Compression Kits

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District HT-Series SCS Scooter Compression Coine

27.99€ 34.99€

The District HT-Series SCS Scooter Compression Kit comes with a shim and is compatible with both standard sized bars and over sized bars. The compression coine is also compatible with the SCS compression and the IHC compression. The clamp has four bolt slots like the standard SCS clamp and it is mad..


District Mini HIC Scooter Compression Kit - Black

9.99€ 11.99€

This District Mini HIC Scooter Compression kit comes with everything you need to convert your compression from IHC to the HIC Compression System. The kit comes with a shim, top cap, bolt and a compression ring. The kit is only compatible with oversized bars. Features:Compatibility: Oversized Ba..


District S-Series Pytel/SCS Scooter Convertion Kit – Black

22.99€ 29.99€

The District S-Series SCS conversion kit has all the necessary parts you need to change over to the SCS Compression system. The kit Contains a quad bolt SCS clamp, a headset Spacer, a bar insert, a star nut, a top cap and a compression bolt. The clamp is suitable for over sized and standard sized ba..


District Standard HIC Scooter Compression Kit - Black

9.49€ 11.99€

This District Standard HIC Scooter Compression kit comes with everything you need to convert your compression to the HIC Compression System even if you have IHC or mini HIC Forks. The kit comes with a shim, top cap and a compression ring. Features:Compatibility: Oversized BarsCompression R..

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What Is Compression On a Stunt Scooter

Compression system on a stunt scooter is placed right on the connection point between the fork, bars and the deck. It's purpose is to securely connect these three components together and absorb the impact from heavy landings and tricks allowing for a longer lasting and much tighter stunt scooter.

It is important that no matter which compression you decide to go with, it is compatible with your forks and bars in order for it to fit. Your parts, type of riding and most importantly your preference will determine which compression system is best for you.

Different Types of Stunt Scooter Compression Systems

There are four main different types of compression.. The IHC, SCS, HIC and ICS compression.

IHC is short for Internal Hidden Compression. This compression system is a smaller version of the HIC compression. Unlike it's bigger brother, IHC is directly built into the actual fork itself giving you one less piece to assemble. IHC compression is compatible with standard bars.

SCS is short for Standard Compression System and is the strongest compression system on the market. This is mainly because of the 3 or 4-Bolt clamp design and the fact that it does not require a slit in your bars which can compromise the strength of the bars a small bit. If your bar has a slit however, you are able to get an adapter that will slip into the bars and cover up the slit. The one disadvantage that comes with this compression is it's weight as with the larger clamp, comes some additional weight.

HIC is short for Hidden Integrated Compression. This is the most common compression on the market and it is known for being very reliable and lightweight.  In order to use this compression, you will need over-sized bars or a shim to install into the compression itself.

ICS is short for Inverted Compression System. ICS derives it's name from the bolt which goes vertically into the fork. It then connects with a star nut that's installed in the bars. ICS can only be used with standard bars that have a slit.