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Elbow Pads

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TSG Ace Elbow Pads - Black

46.99€ 54.99€

TSG are world renowned for their protection. Elbow pads, knee pads, helmets etc. If you want to feel safe in whatever you're doing then TSG is a great choice for you. The Ace elbow pads come with a level 1 certificate for protection. The Hardshell construction helps prevent friction for longer lasti..


TSG All Ground Elbow Pads

42.99€ 49.99€

TSG are world renowned for the quality and comfort of their protective gear. The All Ground Elbow Pads have many amazing features to enhance protection, comfort and durability. These pads can be work by anybody but are designed more so for the harder riders skating the streets or in a more unforgivi..

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Should I Wear Elbow Pads?

When talking about elbow pads, it is entirely up to you whether you decide to wear them or not but having a set of elbow pads can prevent from unnecessary cuts and bruises.. Taking too much damage on your elbows can result in an injury that can put you out of skating for a while which isn't ideal.

There is plenty of different elbow pads out there, both soft and hard. It all depends on what you are looking for when buying pads. If you are looking for something that will provide you with some extra comfort and a little bit more mobility in the elbow area, you should go with softer pads or pad sleeves that have the elbow area covered in a soft foam-like material. However, if you are looking for something that will prevent you from getting any sort of cuts or bruises, you should have a look at the hard pads. These pads use a layer of soft cushion with a plastic plate on top which makes them very effective but they can reduce your mobility and make performing certain tricks a little awkward at the start until you get used to them.

How Do I Wear My Elbow Pads Properly?

When putting on your elbow pads, make sure that the pad feels nicely secured and snug fitted. If you struggle to bend your arm, that could mean that the pad is a little too tight and you should go with either larger size or adjust the tightness on the pads themselves if they come with Velcro straps.

Softer pads tend to be smaller and are made to be worn under your clothes however, hard pads are a lot larger and it is recommended to wear them over your clothes.