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Wrist Guards

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Triple 8 Hired Hands Wrist Guards

45.99€ 59.99€

Triple 8 aimed to protect the whole hand and wrist with the Hired Hands Gloves. The gloves come with two ABS splints each one on the top and one on the bottom. The splints are easily removed from the glove and can also be replaced with new ones. The glove itself is made using top grain leather to pr..


TSG Pro Wrist Guards - Black

29.99€ 34.99€

The TSG Professional Wrist guards are designed to protect even the Highest level of skaters. The Guards were designed to Protect without compromising the wrist range of motion so you get to be safe and comfortable at the same time. The Guards Feature the Hardshell construction so the Splint that off..

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Should I Have My Wrists Protected?

No matter what is your discipline, whether it is rollerblading, skating or other extreme sport out there.. You should always protect your wrists and keep them away from any potential injuries.

As humans, our natural reflex is to protect our body with our hands and so we try to place our hands either on front of us or behind us when falling.. It's what we call catching the ground. So if we naturally fall on our wrists to protect ourselves, we are also very likely to injure our wrists in the process. Therefore it is extremely important to have your wrists protected when shredding in the streets or at the skatepark.

Wrist Guards Sizing

It is important to get the correct size for your wrist guards as they become less effective once their too big or too small. A wrist guard that is too big will be too loose and might slide when skating. When the wrist guard is too small, you might not be able to close it or it will be super tight and uncomfortable.

All of the wrist guards come with size guides so be sure to follow them in order to get a size that matches your wrists!