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DB Longboards Dagger V2 Pina Colada 36 Inch Complete Longboard

199.99€ 259.99€

Designed to go through.. The dagger is an amazing complete longboard. The Dagger is designed to allow for a maximum lean with no wheel bite. It is also designed to give you more comfort while pushing.Features:Length: 36"Width: 9.25"Wheelbase: 25"Material: Hard Rock MapleWheels: 69mm 78A Cloud Ride c..


DB Longboards Urban Native 38 Inch Complete Longboard

199.99€ 259.99€

The Urban Native was designed to be a comfortable lightweight longboard for cruising on. It was designed to have great flex for maximum comfort. Features: Length: 38"Material: 7-ply Hard Rock MapleTrucks: Atlas TrucksWheels: 69mm Cloud Ride Cruisers..


Landyachtz Drop Hammer Night Fox 37 Inch Complete Longboard

189.99€ 249.99€

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer Night Fox has one of the nicest graphics on the longboard market.This 37 inch complete longboard is perfect for anyone looking for an upgrade from their beginner level set up. Made more for commuting than hill bombing but don't let that turn you away from some fun on a mel..


Santa Cruz Mandala Hand Drop Thru Complete Longboard - 36

149.99€ 209.99€

Designed for the cruising type this long board from Santa Cruz Is the perfect set up for anyone looking to get into longboarding. The 78A wheels offer great grip so it helps anyone learn to pump and carve without sliding and also to ensure a smooth comfortable journey. The deck was also designed to ..


Santa Cruz Contra Eclipse Drop Down Complete Longboard - 37.5

149.99€ 209.99€

Santa Cruz Contra Eclipse longboard comes with some sick design.Comes with updated, modern medium sized drop down shape with wheel wells, new 160mm Bullet RKP trucks and 69mm Santa Cruz branded Road Rider wheels.Features:Size: 37.52" x 9.5"Deck Concave: Drop DownDeck Construction: 9-PlyDeck Length: ..


Santa Cruz Flame Dot Drop Down Complete Longboard - Black/Red - 40

129.99€ 189.99€

Features:Width: 10"Length: 40"Deck Concave: Drop DownDeck Construction: 9-PlyDeck Wheelbase: 27.5"Trucks: 180mm Bullet RKP TrucksWheels: 72mm Santa Cruz Road Rider WheelsWheel Durometer: 78A..


Santa Cruz Obscure Hand Drop Down Complete Longboard - Multi - 37.52

169.99€ 214.99€

Features:Width: 9.5"Length: 37.5"Deck Concave: Drop DownDeck Construction: 9-PlyTrucks: Reverse Kingpin Wheel Diameter: 66mmWheel Durometer: 78A..


Santa Cruz Toxic Hand Drop Down Complete Longboard - Multi - 37.52

169.99€ 214.99€

Features:Width: 9.5"Length: 37.5"Deck Concave: Drop DownDeck Construction: 9-PlyTrucks: Reverse Kingpin Wheel Diameter: 66mmWheel Durometer: 78A..

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Longboards - What Are They?

Longboards tend to be a lot longer and wider than your standard skateboard. They come in many various different shapes, sizes and a set of much larger and softer wheels. Each one of the components is picked out in order to specifically match a certain riding style whether it is cruising, downhill, free-styling or just a day-to-day use.

In comparison to your standard skateboard, longboards are much smoother to ride and provide you with surf-like experience. They also allow you to go much faster due to larger wheels which can be a great adrenaline booster for all of the adrenaline addicts out there!

What Longboard Do I Go With?

There are many different types of longboards that differ from one another with their components such as trucks, wheels and deck shapes. Each one of these types is made for a different style of riding so it is important to take that into consideration when choosing your longboard. Different styles of riding are as follows: cruiser, carving, freestyle, free-ride, downhill and dance longboards.

The most common type of a longboard is a cruiser and it is a great choice for any beginner looking to start their longboarding journey. The shapes of the cruiser boards tend to be surf inspired and most noticeable as to what people see when they think of a longboard. The downhill and free-ride longboards are constructed in a way that makes them stiff in order to maximise the control and speed. Dancer longboards are the longest of the bunch and the carving longboards are similar to cruisers but they come with a shape that leaves cut-outs for your wheels in order to allow you to carve without wheel bite.

Longboards come with two different types of truck mounting types, drop-through installation and top-mount. Drop-through trucks are made for downhill style of riding as they are easy to push. Top-mount trucks are the more traditional and usually come with cruisers.