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BMX Cranks

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Radio Destro 165mm BMX Cranks - Gloss Black

124.99€ 174.99€

The Radio Team have worked hard for over a year to develop the toughest BMX cranks possible and couldn't be happier with their results. The Destro cranks are incredibly strong and come with a 2mm sealed mid bottom bracket allowing you to get them on and hit your best tricks as soon as possible. The ..


Radio Destro Light 175mm BMX Cranks - Gloss Black

139.99€ 189.99€

The Destro Light Crank uses a special weld that allows over 200g to be shaven off the whole crank but not sacrificing strength and making them on of the lightest on the market.. 22mm ultra hollow spindle and oversized arms.Features:Length: 175mmType:  3 piece Spindle Diameter:&nb..


Salt OPC 140mm BMX Cranks - Black

14.99€ 19.99€

A great one piece crank from salt. Perfect to replace a broken part or for a restoration project.Features:Material: Forged chromoSize: 140 mm or 170mmSpindle: Designed for USA Bottom BracketDesign: Slim Crank arm designDrivetrain: Only compatible with Right side Drivetrain (RSD)Weight 0.8..


Salt OPC 140mm BMX Cranks - Silver

14.99€ 19.99€

A great one piece crank from salt. Perfect to replace a broken part or for a restoration project.Features:Material: Forged chromoSize: 140 mm or 170mmSpindle: Designed for USA Bottom BracketDesign: Slim Crank arm designDrivetrain: Only compatible with Right side Drivet..


Saltplus Pro 48 Mid Bottom Bracket BMX Cranks - Black

84.99€ 114.99€

This 3-piece crankset is compatible for RSD and LSD using the side sprocket bolts. It was designed specifficaly to be easy to maintain and work with. It comes with a mid bottom bracket with spacers for 19mm, 22mm and 24mm sprocket mounting.Features:Material: Tubular Chromoly Arms, Chromoly..


WeThePeople Legacy 170mm BMX Cranks - Gloss Black

139.99€ 184.99€

The WeThePeople Legacy Crank uses  2 1/2 piece construction for more strength, a larger 22mm spindle and square-shaped chromoly arms. The design team looked at weak parts in other cranks such as the pedal boss and made it much more durable by creating it with its very own investment cast gusse..


WeThePeople Logic BMX Cranks - Gloss Black

134.99€ 164.99€

The Logic Crank was designed with a lot of help from the WTP Pro team and was put through its paces before WTP were comfortable releasing it. They were designed and built using the 3 piece crank system with dent resistant square arms. The Spindle sits at 22mm and is super durable while remaining ver..


Éclat Tibia 2Pc 22mm BMX Cranks - Black

139.99€ 169.99€

Eclat has a reputation built over a decade of hard work are considered one of the most reliable BMX brands and these cranks will not have that reputation questioned rather it will only reinforce it. Featuring an oversized arm design, unique profile and with an updated construction and manufacturing ..

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BMX Cranks-Sets

BMX Cranks are 2 metal arms that connect to the bottom bracket of your bike. Once the crank arms are connected, we then screw on the pedals which allow riders to push forward and catch speed when riding. Freestyle BMX cranks are usually made out of steel or chromoly rather than aluminium or carbon fiber in order to provide riders with maximum strength and support.

Different Types of Crank-Sets

There are three different types of crank-sets for freestyle BMX's which are the 1-Piece, 2-Piece and 3-Piece cranks.

The 1-Piece cranks tend to appear mostly on either the older models or entry level bikes. 2-Piece cranks come with a crank bolt and are extremely easy to install. These cranks contain a spindle that is attached to one of the crank-arms. 2-Piece crank-sets are usually found in the intermediate level bike models. 3-Piece cranks are the most common out of the 3 and usually found on Pro models. In most cases, these cranks are slightly heavier than the standard 2-Piece cranks however, they are a lot more solid.