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Longboard Wheels

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Divine Road Rippers "Circular Saw" 70mm Longboard Wheels - Black

46.99€ 54.99€

Divine wheels are made in the USA, using extremely long lasting high-end race inspired formula. The unique placement of the core and larger I-Beam frame makes for faster and more solid rides. Once they have been slid down a bit and worn in, they will be a little easier to drift with but will still h..


Divine Road Rippers 75mm Longboard Wheels - White

51.99€ 58.99€

GET THE HELL OUT THE WAY!! Divine's new graphically updated 'Road Rippers' are the classic Divine shape & design that you've grown to love and demand! Poured with Divine's exclusive long-lasting race formula, into their proprietetary 70mm Road Ripper mold. These wheels allow for easier drifting ..


Divine Street Slayers "Thunder" 72mm longboard Wheels - White

42.99€ 49.99€

The "Street Slayer" design is Divine's latest and greatest wheel for getting slideways through mountain corners. It's designed for consistency from start to finish. Despite the wearing down, the lips stay nice and round, ensuring a perfect slide. The core is slightly offset, Slayers are poured in Di..


Hammond DNA The Gene 75mm Longboard Wheels - 4 Pack

33.99€ 44.99€

Hammond DNA The Gene are entry level longboard wheels that are very affordable. Despite being entry level wheels, Hammond DNA The Gene maintains great grip and comfort when carving and cruising making them extremely good value for money!Features:Durometer: 75mmDiameter: 76ACore Position: ContersetWh..

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Which Longboard Wheels Should I Get?

When it comes to buying longboard wheels, it is extremely important to take different shapes, sizes and designs into the account as these factors can make the wheel more effective in different areas. Longboard wheels tend to be bigger than skateboard wheels however, depending on the size, you might also be able to use them on your standard skateboard and convert it into a cruiser board.

What Size Should I Go For?

One of the most important factors to consider is the size of the wheel. The bigger the wheel, the higher top speed you will be able to reach however, your acceleration would be much slower. On the other hand if you have a smaller size wheel, the acceleration would faster but the top speed wood be lower. Most people tend to go with size 70mm diameter however, longboard wheels can vary from 64mm to even as high up as 83mm diameter in some cases.

How Hard Should My Wheels Be?

Longboard wheel tend to be made up of urethane and when we mention hardness, we are referring to the durometer of the urethane used. Harder wheels tend to be a lot faster and great for sliding however, they can be less stable due to the lack of grip. Slower wheels however, will be slower but will provide you with some great grip and stability when you most need it!