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Knee Pads

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Fuse Alpha Knee Sleeve

34.99€ 39.99€

The Alpha knee sleeve from Fuse is designed to be slim, flexible and without loosing any of the protection, comfortable and discreet. The Alpha knee sleeves use EVA foam to protect your knees from impact and use a shark skin gripper teamed with a dual layer of Lycra to keep the pads in place. To hel..


TSG All Ground Knee Pads

46.99€ 54.99€

TSG are world renowned for the quality and comfort of their protective gear. The All Ground Knee Pads have many amazing features to enhance protection, comfort and durability. These pads can be worn by anybody but are designed more so for the harder riders skating the streets or in a more unforgivin..


TSG Force 3.0 Kneepads - Black

98.99€ 104.99€

The TSG Force 3.0 are Designed by Pro skaters for Pro skaters. The Pads come using the Pre-shape design which gives the pads a slight bend for a more comfortable fit on your knee. They also feature the Horseshoe Shape which means the knee itself is surrounded more by the Hardshell and the EVA Foam a..


TSG Force 5.0 A Knee Pads - Black

109.99€ 129.99€

The Force 5.0 A Knee Pads are Modeled on Jono Schwan's low profile hard cap vert Pad but comes equipped with an extra layer of the ACF foam for even more protection and comfort. The Force 5.0 A pads come equipped with loads of TSG protective Features such as a replaceable hardshell to protect the kn..


TSG Task A 2.0 Kneeguard

94.99€ 114.99€

The Task A 2.0 Knee Guard can be used for almost anything  mountain biking, trail biking, Dirt Biking, Skateboarding, aggressive skating, roller skating, BMX riding just to name a few. The Task Guards utilize an amplified Softshell construction and the ACF Impact Foam. The Softshell has a thin ..

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Are Knee Pads Important?

Knee pads is the most important type of protection used on your legs. Knees is the most common area that people fall on when falling of their bike, skateboard, scooter or when they simply lose control on a set of roller blades. Therefore it is very important to protect your knees from any unnecessary cuts, bruises and injuries that will keep you away from shredding.

Hard VS Soft Knee Pads

There are two main types of knee pads. Hard and Soft.. The type of knee pads that you choose depends soly on your preference.

If you decide to go with a hard set of pads, your knees will be fully protected and the falls will not affect your knees in any major way thanks to it's extremely durable construction. Hard knee pads are made from a layer of breathable cushion with a plastic plate attached to the top of it. In most cases, the plastic plate is replaceable therefore once it's worn out, you can simply buy a replacement plate instead of a brand new set of pads. Hard pads are usually strapped around your leg using Velcro straps so it is important to have them tight enough so that the pad has a snug fit but not too tight so that it doesn't prevent you from bending your legs.

When it comes to the soft knee pads on the other hand.. These are usually used by the riders that enjoy having more freedom and less pad feeling on their legs. Soft foam-like material placed on the knee area allows these pads to protect your knees while being extremely comfortable however, they offer less protection. They tend to come as sleeves so in order to put them on, you need to slide them onto your legs. Soft pads can also be worn underneath your clothes unlike the hard knee pads.