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BMX Rear Hub

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Demolition Whistler Cassette LHD 9t BMX Rear Hub - Black

74.99€ 149.99€

Demolition Whistler Cassette hub comes with 120 points of engagement and a loud satisfying buzz sounds!Features:Axle: Male 14mm axle.Driver Side: LHD..

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What is a BMX Rear Hub?

BMX rear hub is found in the center of your rear wheel. The hub is connected to the wheel using spokes which connect to the rim of the wheel. Unlike the front hub, the rear hub is made up of some extra parts such as the driver, pawls and springs that make the hub only move when the BMX rider pedals.

Free-coaster or Cassette Hubs? What are The Difference?

There isn't right or wrong in this situation. Both free-coaster hubs and cassette hubs are equally as good. It all really depends on your style of riding and once you take that into account, it will help you choose the right hub for you.

One of the biggest differences between a free-coaster and a cassette is the fact that the free-coaster hubs allow you to go backwards without having to pedal. This is essential if you are a rider who does a lot of fakie tricks rolling backwards or you are looking to start learning fakies. The big downside to the free-coaster is what we call slack. It means that when you pedal, there is a small delay before the hub engages.

When it comes to a cassette, biggest advantage is the instantaneous engagement when pedaling. It helps with acceleration and learning some of the more basic tricks. However, the downside is the fact that you do have to pedal when rolling backwards making it harder to balance.

Right Side Drive or Left Side Drive?

Right Side Drive and Left Side Drive stands for RSD and LSD. Rear BMX hubs are produced either RSD, LSD or both. Which ever one you choose, is all up to your personal preference. One advice that we could give a rider who can't decide between RSD and LSD hub is.. If you tend to grind mostly with your right side, then go with RSD as it might more comfortable and vice versa.