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What Type and Size of BMX Should You Go For?
August 8, 2022

In general, there are two types of BMX bikes, the Freestyle BMX and Race BMX bike. However, here at B.Y.B we only specialise in Freestyle BMX bikes.


Freestyle BMX bikes are suitable for many different types of BMX riding such as street, park or dirt. Each one of these types of riding have their own different challenges and BMX parts that are more suitable for that given style. However, every complete BMX bike is made neutral in order to be suitable for all terrains.

Freestyle BMX bikes are built from a various different types of materials such as chromoly steel and hi-ten however, you do get some titanium parts such as spokes and bolts for weight reduction. These materials have proven to be the most balanced materials for BMX bikes with a great balance in durability, weight and cost effectiveness.


Race BMX bikes are designed for race tracks. These bikes are built slightly smaller than the Freestyle BMX bikes and more lightweight however, they are equally as strong.

What Size of BMX Should You Choose?

The size of your BMX should be determined mainly by your height. The most popular size BMX bike is what we call a 20" as it comes with a frame that has 20" top tube and wheels that are 20" in size.

These sizes can vary depending on a model and some models come in multiple different sizes. Most of the BMX bikes range between 12"-24" with 12" being extremely small and 24" being extremely big BMX wise.

Will Your Skill Level Influence Your Choice of BMX?

That will only depend on your requirements. If you want a budget friendly BMX bike, you can go with the cheaper complete. If you are throwing some mad stuff on it, it might not last you as long as parts will start breaking relatively fast so it would be suggested to go with something little more expensive but more durable. If you are a beginner, you don't have to worry about that, you can go with one of the basic cheaper completes. They will be perfectly fine for the time that you are learning. If you decide to go with one of the more expensive complete BMX bikes, they will also be perfectly fine to learn on.

What Type of Skates Do I Get?
June 17, 2022

Buying Skates - Confused On What Type To Choose?

When it comes to choosing your skates, it should really depend on what you are planning on using them for. Read through this guide to find out about all the different types of skates and hopefully you will be able to make the choice afterwards!

Every type of skates is designed with a different purpose in mind. Some skates are suitable for skateparks, some are suitable for dancing and some are suitable for your day-to-day recreational cruises around the park or city. The three main types of skates that we sell at BYB are as follows: Inline Skates, Quad Skates, Aggressive Skates.

Inline Skates

Inline skates are known for being extremely comfortable and breathable making them suitable for workouts and recreational cruising around your local park or city. So if are looking for a set of skates for fitness and recreational purposes, inline skates are the way to go!

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Quad Skates

Quad skates were originally designed for disco and dancing however, with time, quad skates started making appearances at the skate parks.

Quad skates have a classic look with a four wheel design, 2 wheels on front and 2 wheels at the back. Quad skates feel much more stable than the inline skates due to the wheel placement and design however, the wide flat wheels make it very hard for one to turn the skates.

Overall these skates are brilliant for anyone at any given age that is interested in disco/dancing or strolling around the skate parks doing stunts.

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Aggressive Skates

If you are looking for a does of andrenaline, aggressive skates is the way to go. These skates are specifically designed for stunts. The boot is reinforced with extra ankle support that will allow for an injury free ride. On top of that, you have built in platforms, on both sides of the skate that create space for grinding. Aggressive skates are mainly suitable for the experienced riders however, these days you can get aggressive skates that will be also suitable for beginners.

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If you are still unsure, you can always contact us or message us on our socials and we will do what we can to help! :-)

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